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“Mahtabe Eshgh”, a collection of Babak Radmanesh’ poems was first produced and published by the Badragheye Javidan Publications in Tehran in the second half of 2009.
This 191-paged book is a result of decade’s worth of Babak Radmanesh’ work in United Kingdom, containing sonnets, odes, quatrains, couplets, other miscellaneous works, and a friendly epilogue.
Ustad Radmanesh’ next book, “Songs of Babak Radmanesh”, will also be printed by the Badragheye Javidan Publications.

To purchase this book, refer to the following address and contact numbers:
Badragheye Javidan Publications, Tehran

Main office:
Enghelab St, Farvardin St, Norooz Alley, Apt # 26
Telephone: 66411508 and 66414363

Vali-Asr St, Corner of Fatemi St, Badragheye Javidan Publications
Telephone: 88975581- 4



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babak RAdmanesh official website :: سايت رسمي بابك رادمنش