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Singer Album Tracks Listen
1 Babak Radmanesh Vocals (Exclusive) 10 مشاهده
2 Babak Radmanesh Compositions from early years in Iran 15 مشاهده
3 Babak Radmanesh Barge Sabz 10 مشاهده
4 Babak Radmanesh Violin Intrumentals (Exclusive) Folkloric Pieces 3 مشاهده
5 Compositions by Master Ali Naghi Vaziri Performed by the Khaleghi Ensemble 8 مشاهده
6 Written by Master Radmanesh Film score for Feature film Tobie Nasooh 6 مشاهده
7 Moein Toloo’ 3 مشاهده
8 Moein Lahzeha, Parvaz 6 مشاهده
9 Homeira Mahtabe Eshgh 6 مشاهده
10 Homeira Khabo Khial 6 مشاهده
11 Homeira Hediye 6 مشاهده
12 Sattar Gelaye, Gol Banu 2 مشاهده
13 Omid Piroozi, Har Do Ashegh, Parsehaye Asheghi 6 مشاهده
14 Soroosh Ye Donya, Ganjine 7 مشاهده
15 Pooya Roya, Tasvir 6 مشاهده
16 Shahrokh Salar Dadasham 3 مشاهده
17 Jamshid Avalin Negah, Faribane 5 مشاهده
18 Jamshid Khosh Amadi 3 مشاهده
19 Hasan Shojaei Bandar Abbas 2 مشاهده
20 Jahan Be Yade Bozorgan 1 مشاهده

  • Babak Radmanesh has numerous, educative works dating back to the beginning of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in reference to the Iran-Iraq war, the Resistance and the Movement.

  • Barge Sabz is a collection of Ustad Babak Radmanesh’ works both composed and sung by him.

  • Film Score for Feature film Tobeye Nasooh

  • listen to the solo violin performance of Ustad Radmanesh for some famous songs.

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babak RAdmanesh official website :: سايت رسمي بابك رادمنش